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Human Design or the fantastic journey of self-discovery.

Human Design is a science that will enable you to understand your past and build a future that’s just like you.

This unique science of self-knowledge will help you discover your authentic self, so you can understand andaccept who you really are. Tu pourras ensuite avancer vers un avenir serein et building a life of your own.

What is Human Design ?

The human design system is a science of differentiation. This knowledge emerged with the aim of helping humans navigate their lives by getting to know their different facets to meet their life goals and mission.

Why ?

Human Design can enrich and enhance your individual experience. It will give you a clear, practical guide to reacting to life’s situations and making the right decisions. It will also enable you to reconnect with your deepest nature, with the person you were when you were born and that society and your environment have since transformed.

The foundations of the human design system

1781 saw the advent of the 9-center being. Centering is a structural aspect of evolution.

Neanderthals were 5-centered like modern mammals, and Cro-Magnon or Homo sapiens were 7-centered beings.
We are complex beings centered on the 9.

Since 1987, we have experienced a considerable awakening to our own nature and its extraordinary potential. Human Design is a system of identification through these 9 centers, unique to each individual.

How does it work ?

Using your date, time and place of birth, we’ll be able to generate a complex graph, unique to each individual, including features borrowed from ancient sciences such as I-Ching, astrology and the chakra system, as well as more recent sciences such as quantum physics.

By deciphering this graph, we’ll obtain information about your energy type and other aspects of your personal energy.

Nous définirons ensuite les différents points de ta personnalité, le rythme que tu devrais adopter et comment réagir face aux situations dans ta vie.

By defining this card and decoding it, you’ll have at your disposal the codes of conduct you need to adopt to create a life aligned with your energy.

These instructions will help you use your full potential.



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We are all unique. And each of us needs to follow our own pace and strategy for personal growth and fulfillment. The starting point of my coaching method is to get to know you truly through Human Design and astrology.


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