Hello !

I am Marina,

mother of 2 adorable little girls and married to a wonderful husband (even if we fight sometimes). I juggle different roles: mom, part-time project manager, coach and entrepreneur. Over time, I’ve acquired the skills I need to manage my time and energy effectively, focusing on what really matters.

I know all about being overwhelmed, lost and frustrated, because that’s how I often felt. But thanks to simple and effective methods, I was able to create the life I longed for, and now I want to share this knowledge with you.

From my very first years on the job, I felt uneasy, as if I didn’t belong. To compensate, I’ve always tried to do more, ignoring my own rhythm and needs. I felt lost and questioned my skills as well as my professional environment. My lack of self-confidence was getting worse.

Marina Clavet career coach
Marina Clavet career coach

I was desperately looking for a solution when my friend told me about Clotilde Dusoulier, who explained how our thoughts can positively influence our lives. This intrigued me, so I joined his coaching program in 2020. Finally discovering a simple and effective method, I decided to take the same coaching course at Life Coach School in 2021, even though my last daughter was only 3 months old.

My husband wondered how I was going to manage managing an infant, my eldest daughter and my training. However, thanks to my organization andthought management, I felt that nothing was impossible.

Since then, I’ve been pursuing my dream of helping and guiding women towards a fulfilling professional life. To ensure my financial security, I kept my job as project manager in the same company. The only difference is that I’ve learned to appreciate this work by reconnecting with the positive aspects. In this way, I preserve my energy for my project to become a full-time coach, and I find pleasure in both jobs.

The discovery of Human Design in 2022 andastrology in 2018 was also a revelation for me. I finally felt understood and listened to. I learned to manage my energy and work according to my own type. This understanding of myself and my abilities has given me greater tolerance and new perspectives.

I’m a passionate coach who’s been through similar things to you. I know the feeling of being lost and frustrated, but I’ve discovered the keys to creating a fulfilling life. With my expertise and personal experience, I will guide you on the path to professional success and happiness. Don’t waste any more time, let me show you how to transform your life.

Marina career coach

Astrologically, who am I?

My astrological sign is Pisces: I’m full of dreams and ideas, and I see life as an ocean of possibilities. I’m sensitive to everything around me.

My moon is under the sign of Virgo: deep down I have a need for structure and organization. So I don’t get lost in a sea of ideas. And I need to make myself useful to those around me.

I’m Sagittarius ascendant: I approach new projects with great enthusiasm and curiosity. I like to broaden my horizons and discover new things.


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We are all unique. And each of us needs to follow our own pace and strategy for personal growth and fulfillment. The starting point of my coaching method is to get to know you truly through Human Design and astrology.


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