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Your personal coaching programm to a fulfilling career and life

Unlock your full professional potential

By blending the science of Human Design,astrology and THE causal coaching, I accompany you step by step in a 360˚ transformation thanks to the knowledge of your deepest being.

I’ll take you on an in-depth journey to discover the thoughts, beliefs and behavioral patterns that can hinder your professional success. These blocks will be identified and transformed to promote your growth and fulfillment.

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Marina Coach pro human design
  • Know who you are and what you want to do

  • Take action and transform your mindset (and therefore your professional life)

  • Understand the right strategy for your personality type

  • Prioritize your needs in a conscious and organized way

  • Know, accept and affirm what you want and what you no longer want. To be able to priorotise and set limits

  • Feel lighter by living fully in the present moment.

  • Create time and a professional life that suits you

What is Human Design ?

Human Design enables everyone to deepen their true self-knowledge. Itis a logical system that brings together age-old traditional sciences and practices (astrology, I-ching, the chakra system and kabbalah) and draws on modern science (genetics and quantum physics).

How can this science transform my life ? Starting with your birth data, we’ll get to know who you really are, so we can map out your aspirations, your rhythm, your relationship to the world and your life mission. To fully realize yourself in the world, human design allows you to discover your authenticity, who you are and why you are here on Earth.

I want to know more about Human Design

The power of causal coaching

Causal Coaching is a powerful approach that focuses on the root causes of your problems rather than the apparent symptoms. It focuses on your thoughts and their impact on your life, enabling you to create meaningful change.

Let me explain how this approach works: every situation begins with an external circumstance. From there, your thoughts influence your emotions, which in turn direct your actions. These actions are responsible for the results you get in your life. This is the basis of one of my key coaching tools: the causal model. It offers a simple method for understanding your internal dialogue and teaches you how your thoughts can influence your reality.

The wonderful thing about this method is that it also lets you become your own coach. I’ll give you the knowledge you need to apply this method yourself, so that you can tackle every situation in your life independently, effectively and positively.

Thanks to this approach, you’ll be able to analyze your own situations from the perspective of a coaching professional. You’ll be able to resolve inner conflicts, find mental serenity, regain your energy and build a life in harmony with your inner self.

Don’t hesitate to embark on this journey of self-coaching and discover the transformative power of Causal Coaching.

Together, we’ll unleash your potential and create the fulfilling life you deserve.

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Marina Clavet career coach<br />


I’m Marina Clavet, mother of 2 adorable little girls and married to a wonderful husband (even if we fight sometimes).

I juggle different roles: mom, part-time project manager, coach and entrepreneur.

Over time, I’ve acquired the skills I need to manage my time and energy effectively, focusing on what really matters.

Find out what these skills are by reading on.

The 3 pillars of my method


Human Design is a complex method of unique identification. It’s a science of self-knowledge. He differentiates 5 major personality types according to date, time and place of birth. Drawing on ancient self-knowledge methods such as astrology, Ching and the science of the Chakras, as well as more recent systems such as quantum physics, this science will enable you to gain a better understanding of yourself and give you a wealth of new insights. answers about the decisions you need to make.


With causal coaching, we’ll look for the causes of your professional blockages, which are mainly linked to your thoughts. Of course your professional environment has an influence on how your career develops, but we often forget that we ourselves can create the professional life we aspire to. How ? Well, thanks to our thoughts.

Because from a CIRCUMSTANCE, we have a THOUGHT, which creates an EMOTION, and this EMOTION is the fuel for our ACTIONS, which generate our RESULT.


I use the complex system of the stars to define who you are, to understand you better and to know which path to take for a serene future in harmony with your inner self.

Astrology is a set of practices based on the symbolic movement of celestial configurations, collective and individual human affairs.

Astrology enables us to understand the periods of life we are going through, and gives us clues on how best to deal with them according to the energies and fluctuations.

Astrology helps us to understand and cope with the different phases we go through in life, including crises and difficulties, while defining periods of time assigned to these phases.

It also allows us to better know and understand each person’s personality according to the positions of the stars in the sky at the time of our birth.



Step by step, session by session

  • Discover your personality type in human design
  • Your astrologic chart
  • Define a strategy based on your personality type
  • Respond to a problem you encounter
  • Organize your daily life to achieve your goals
  • Help you to calm down, and free up time for yourself


This is a general presentation. An individual coaching session will be tailored to your specific needs and professional goals.



A 6-sessions program to get to know yourself deeply and co-create the new version of yourself.

  • In-depth exploration of your Human Design
  • Personalized astrological analysis
  • Identification of blockages and limiting beliefs
  • Goal-setting and action planning
  • Skills and abilities development
  • Time management and set priorities
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Monitoring and accountability
  • Tool integration


What did I like about your coaching program? Your ability to listen and adapt to my anxieties and fears. I also really like it when there was a link with astrology and human design.

Ségolène Desbois

I was a bit lost after a break-up and needed a new boost. A friend of mine had told me a lot about the benefits of coaching for her. I dared to dream bigger, to push my limits. I realized that you can always turn a situation around to find the positive. I manage my time much better. The whole program gave me energy at a time in my life when I was lacking it. The fact that different aspects are addressed (money, time...)

Anne T.

Before I started coaching, I was looking for a way to save a little time. With my professional and personal life, I was looking for a way to organize myself better. What prompted me to start this program was the opportunity to discover my Human Design. What a wonderful discovery! It helped me to get to know myself better and move forward. I focus more on my emotions and my pleasure in completing tasks and also in celebrating the end of my day. I enjoyed our coaching sessions, and also our exchanges outside the sessions, to help me unlock my limiting beliefs. If you're looking for a solution to your work/life balance, take a little time to chat with Marina. She'll suggest tailor-made solutions to help you save time in your day and smile at life.

Joelle Boucher

I was afraid that if I consulted an astrologer she would predict negative events in my life - and that I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about them all the time. But with Marina, I didn't have this problem! She reassured me (even before I explained my fears): our natal chart doesn't determine the rest of our existence, but it is a tool that helps us to know ourselves better and therefore be better prepared to navigate the events of our lives. Marina is a good listener, caring and non-judgmental. And her humor is refreshing 🙂

Veronica Petre


Book your free session to discover your personality type

We are all unique. And each of us needs to follow our own pace and strategy for personal growth and fulfillment. The starting point of my coaching method is to get to know you truly through Human Design and astrology. Let’s talk about it and find out what your human design personality type is.

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